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Kissimmee Bass Fishing Tournament (FLIPPIN BITE!)

It is time for day two of the kayak bass fishing tournament on Lake Kissimmee, down in sunny florida. Conditions are post frontal on this Jan day, and the flippin bite was unreal… however… I would soon learn that this would turn out to be one of those “tough” days, that was almost comical!

Gear used —–

flippin set up –

Rod – Fenwick 7’8 H

Reel – Revo STX (drag is perfect for heavy duty flippin )

Line – Berkley X5 50lb braid

Bait – Berkley bottom hopper 7″ worm green pump purple gold

5/16 oz tungsten 3/4 oz tungsten

hook – fusion 4/0 flippin hook

lifejacket – CODE Fischer10 for 10 percent off!


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  1. OOOO I have the solution to days like this trust me listen pls…..
    Face the wind,drop your paddle on your boat, take a mondo deep breath, and slowly plunge booth of your hands in the water close your eyes. It’s called “earthing” but water amplify’s the energy the earth gives us, take another mondo breath get back to your tournament…….

  2. Kristine, Thanks for another great video. It def stinks those got away because it looked like they were some nice fish. Hey it's all good. Keep
    ripping those lips for us. See ya in the next video !!!!!!!

  3. That was tough to watch, but it was also honest. Yanking bass out of heavy cover has never been my strong suit. Appreciate you showing that sometimes boating them is not as easy as the pros make it seem. Best of luck in the coming tournament season.

  4. Too me, you weren't setting the hook. Just pulling your rod. Make sure your hook is sharp. Just my opinion. Standing or sitting doesn't matter, it's how you set the hook.

  5. Looks like that type fishing from a kayak is harder to do your down on the water to close and on a boat you can stand up and not pull so hard threw the weeds by being able to pick the fish up more which greats less drag on the mouth of the fish hurt my feelings seeing you miss those fish great vedios keep up the good work !!

  6. I'm by far no expert, but I've watched Hilary and Scott Martin flip a ton and their hooksets are usually patient and methodical. Reel down slow and tighten the line when they feel the bite and then hard Hookset. Again, I don't have much experience with that thick of grass, but I think you were pulling more than setting the hook. Sorry it was a rough day, but great video!

  7. I feel for you! What I've learned is that when you get a bite from heavy cover, don't get pull toward it but stand your ground. If the water is shallow, you can use a power pole. If the water is deep, you need to paddle in the reverse direction, away from the heavy cover. You need to trust your equipment (65-lbs line) and reel-in as hard and as fast as you can. Do not slow down or pause, because you need the momentum to rip through the heavy cover. Keep the line TNT (tie-and-tense), my friend!

  8. This is an amazing video. Thank you so much for teaching the value of fishing, the good days and the slow days. Much much appreciated. You rock Kristine! ❤️😎🎣🎣🥇

  9. Brutal!!!! Man, tough to watch, can't stand when I don't get to at least hold them! Lol! We all have these days, I know you'll get em' next time!!

  10. I felt awful for you. That hay grass is so tough to pull them through from a bass boat let alone a kayak. Being lower to the water makes you have a worse angle to get them through the cover. You are going to have to stand up to be more successful in the kayak. No doubt the hook makes a difference but I suggest you stand up.

  11. Seems like they might have been short striking a little. Sometimes the color of the bait can be off just a little and it can make all the difference.

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