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Yamamoto Yamatanuki – Best Kept Bass Fishing Secret?

Is the Yamamoto Yamatanuki the best kept secret in the bass fishing world? If you don’t know what this bait can do for you in targeting both largemouth and smallmouth bass, I’ll break it down for you and give you a closer look into this bait. Work it like a ned rig and Texas rig it – it’s amazing!

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  1. Nice review Joe. I liked the up close and personal look at the bait in different colors. Look forward to hearing more about your wiggle stick. 

    The BAIT! The bait called a wiggle stick. I forget sometimes who reads this stuff! LOL

  2. Tried it. Does seem to have durability issues. Like another commenter, i was using the gamagatsu g finesse hybrid ewg style hook. Maybe a full on EWG will work better. Fishes similar to a senko. Last time out it seemed to do better than a senko in moderate cover. Plan on trying it around pads at the end of the month.

  3. Used the Yamatanuki for the first time this weekend. Worked great on LMB. Fished in and around lite to moderate cover cover (lilly pads, weed beds). Most hits were on the fall, similar to Senko. Durability is an issue. But, to be fair, I was using the same Gamakatsu Aaron Martens G-Finesse Heavy Cover Hook I use for t-rig Senkos. Maybe an EWG would not tear the bait as much when rigging. In anycase, I am adding the Yamatanuki to rmy regular arsenal. BIG fan of Yamamoto soft plastics.

  4. Tons of nice smallmouth on that. Looks like you could d shot, ned rig or just throw it on a jig head. Crazy looking bait but you couldn't keep them off. ¼ oz for a weightless bait is Crazy!

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