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Big Bass Always Stack Up Here As The Water Gets Warmer – Don’t Miss This!

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Equipment Mentioned in this Video:

Big Worm Setup:
– Big Bite Baits B2 Worm 10″ Plum Apple:
– Gamakatsu Offset Round Bend Worm Hook 5/0:
– Denali Kovert Tungsten Flipping Weight 3/8oz:
– Denali Lithium Pro Casting Rod 7’4″ Heavy Worm Jig:
– Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:
– Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon 18lb:

Shakey Head Setup
– Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm 6″ Black:
– Big Bite Baits Magnum Worm Head 3/8oz:
– Denali KOVERT Lite Series Casting Rod 7’2″ Med Hvy:
– Abu Garcia Max X Casting Reel:
– Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon 12lb:

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  1. I love you man but Weary and leary are two different words. But don't feel alone. Most people use the word Weary in place of leary often.
    " I am Weary from my long travels"

    "I've grown leary of the dangerous lions"

  2. Hey professor Johnny I sure did learn something. Stay away from the brush piles so we don't spook our fish . Great job out there johnny and the fish you lost that's what happens with big hooks you can help it because you need a big hook with that size swimbait . Great video johnny I'll keep watching god bless you and your family.

  3. Johnny, are you done with HBirds now? Weird not seeing one on your boat! I’m running the 30 day free trial of their new maps on my phone. Looks amazing with high potential, but all the colors can be overwhelming. I can still only find humps and points though. I’ve watched you for years. But you know that. Would be cool to see a video on it!

  4. I love big bite baits. Have you ever used the squirrel tail worm they make? .. Small profile but I've had some really good luck with them.

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