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WINTER Bass Fishing in 39 DEGREE Water! πŸ₯Ά

WINTER Bass Fishing in 39 DEGREE Water! πŸ₯Ά – Winter fishing can be tough, bass fishing grass lakes in 30 degree water temps makes it even harder. In this video, I show you things I look for and how to breakdown a lake you haven’t been to in the winter time.

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  1. I've been trying and trying to get a bass in the winter. I've watched this video and others over and over again to boost up my confidence and gain more knowledge but every time i go out, i fail. I dont have a boat so im just bank fishing so i know thats a huge reason why. So what are some things i could look for or target if I'm just fishing from the shore on a pretty pressured lake with 25-35 degree water temps?? Most or all of the lakes by me are pretty pressured i would say. I mean i have a general idea of what to look for but because i dont have the electronics to really get out there and such, so I'm pretty limited to where i can get to.

  2. The thing I'm most impressed with is you didn't make excuses or blame the elements. That's why they call it fishing. A fan here and I appreciate you posting this with your honest evaluation.

  3. At 39.6Β°f water is as dense as it can get . Any colder than that it starts to expand to form ice . If it didn't expand then ice wouldn't float and the world would freeze over . Fish are the least active when the water is at that temperature but if it gets colder they will begin to bite more . I once caught 24 spotted bass over six pounds in the month of January in cold muddy water that was 34Β° down to 20 feet and and 35Β° down to the bottom . I caught those spots on a bright orange jig with an uncle josh #11 pork chunk at a depth between 20 and 35 feet deep . The only way I could get them to bite was to cast out in 20 feet of water and fish down . I fished so slow it took one hour to make 4 casts . I reeled the line in using my thumb to spool the line in making the jig barely move . It was good for 4 bass a day over 6 usually and once I managed to catch 10 (extremely hard to do) . I usually had less than then ten bites per day and I would usuallly miss a good number of bites but that is winter fishing . So my advice on winter fishing is start off slow and then get slower .

  4. Thanks Jason. I have had plenty of days freezing my butt off were 1 keeper would have warmed me up.
    Thanks for freezing yours off and any info you can share. You sure like those Rouges.

  5. I live/fish in the north east and our lakes freeze over in the winter. 39 degree water means there is only a few weeks or days left to fish. It's one of the most predictable times to fish and the bass tend to group up. The deepest water and sharpest drops are generally best. Depends a lot on forage, Alewife lakes will have fish on classic structure. Perch lakes often have bass out on deep flats relating to the Perch.

  6. I really like winter fishing here in Tennessee. Great tips. What are your ideas on fishing underwater springs? We have a lot of them here, and they will almost always be warmer than the rest of the lake. Also, feeder creeks.

  7. I enjoyed the video. This is a tough time of the year for me. Thanks for your explanation of what you look for. That was so awesome that you took the time to talk to the guys and autograph the hat. That is what makes you one of the best out there.

  8. Hey J…..I saw that knot on that Trap lure……what knot do you tie ? Also Jason your videos are Fantastic…..the content and editing is great πŸ‘

  9. Great video on what I call real winter time fishing with winter time water temperatures. I've been fishing water temperatures from 35 to 38 degrees and it sucks. I'm glad you caught one. Come on spring.

  10. We just had a small tourney there last Sunday. Pretty good fishing. 13 boats took 15 plus on 3 fish. Tourney was 3 fish limit and there were 4 11.5 lbs bags caught. I didn’t see much fish at all off the bottom. Our biggest was 5.5 came off a a rig in 25ft off the bottom.

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