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Why You Struggle to Catch Big Bass in the Fall

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How to Hit Offshore Structure First Cast Every Time! | Offshore Bass Fishing Tips

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  1. I've been watchin your videos religously since I bought my boat in October of last year. First six months I had the boat I put maybe 10 fish in the boat (and I put 60 hours on the BIG ENGINE in that time so you know I was fishing hard!!!). Using knowledge I picked up from your videos, including how to detect jig bites, how to identify fish on offshore structure, and (one of the most important ones!) using your "offshore fishing playbook" to know where to look, I put 45 pounds in the boat in maybe 2 hours of actual casting this week, including a 7 pounder that CRUSHED my previous PB of 4.10.

    Thanks for all you do FTM! Glad to be able to support you through some of your extra products like map breakdowns and the playbook, because the level of instruction your doling out for free on YouTube is tremendous.

  2. Last four times out I have been skunked. Fished with jigs, swim baits, crankbaits, and spinner baits. I can find them….just cant catch them. Switching to crappie today. Hopefully, I have better success.

  3. Another great video! A little late as it's now Thanksgiving week.

    Was initially under impression all your footage was from same trip, but the fish finder(s) on bow kept changing (number and location)

  4. Even though this video was recorded in September, this info is still relevant to anglers in November. You touched on it, but the bass are still following Shad, leaving the backs of creeks toward main lake again to these same spots.

  5. I needed this video about a week after you shot it. I had my championship on Tenkiller. Spent way too much time following schoolers and not enough time graphing.

  6. How would u go about fishing for big tournament sized bass when you have a cheap radar? I think my sonar cost maybe $150 use it more for depth and temp than spotting fish. Just wondering how well u would do without graphing the lake for 4 hours. Cause thats the boat I'm in. My tournament partner and i both have cheap sonar any pointers for basically fishing blind? I mean i understand why u do what u do. But for those of us more into fishing than riding around in a boat graphing what kind of knowledge can u share with us?

  7. Think it's gone too far. I'm with Randy on the whole Livescope issue. When you can see the bass, see your bait, put it right in their face, just takes so much away from what fishing means to me. Go on and take the magic away from fishing. Pressure the fish even more. Make fishing a JOB. Pretty sad. Take away all the electronics and what would these anglers do? Maybe find the thrill of the mystery again? Maybe enjoy their day out on the water instead of having their heads stuck in their electronics. Looks like a teenage girl who can't stop looking at her phone. No thanks.

  8. I have been catching them just like that off brush piles on Sam rayburn but I was using a magnum fluke just had it texas rigged and it seemed to get past alot of the schoolers that were lingering around. But drop shot is my favorite on those brush piles especially when you hook into a pig. Good luck! Love the content!

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