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Why New Bass Fisherman Fail to Catch Bass In The Summer – Common Summer Fishing Mistakes

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  1. Skin care is a good point. Hydration is important too. I think we as fisherman can sometimes focus on fishing and get in the zone and then pretty soon, we realize we haven't had anything to drink in a few hours. Always nice to bring a small cooler or thermos with ice cold beverages when you're fishing in the middle of the day.

  2. I'm guilty of retiring once it gets past about 9-10 o'clock but- mostly because I'm getting older and have some health issues- can't take the direct sun for long. Sitting on a kayak in the middle of a lake- it will cook you man. If you live in the southeastern US like me- it gets unbelievably hot in July and Aug. But- that means sunrise is perfect- still nice and cool out, the fish are generally feeding topwater- there is literally no other experience like it huh? Feels like sitting on a big piece of glass, watching the dragon flies skim along its surface, the iridescent sunrise reflecting off it- then some hog smashes your frog and slaps you back into reality as you set the hook and remember why you got up so early. I love it. Great video guys- definitely some good stuff in here, even for guys who have fished a long time. A lot of it I had learned or heard but forgotten along the way- it happens. Thanks for the help.

  3. Full coverage sun shirts and a big straw hat. Been dressing that way for a couple years now and it helps so much. Also love catching bass middle of the day on topwater. Definitely usually a bigger bass that hits it too.

  4. Shade lines and hard defined edges are so important! I love fishing blue bird skies during the day. You know exactly where those fish are set up along shade lines. That's when I do my best fishing.

  5. I feal like most people are like myself, we only get to fish mainly on the weekends. And my local lake is absolutely filled with pleasure boaters on the weekend during the middle parts of the days. So thats why during the summer, i do all of my fishing at night. Ill start a couple hours before dark, and fish all night long. Its wayyyyy more peaceful after dark lol

  6. The shade what you talk about how the Sun hit the cover at whatever angle and where the shade was in relation to that and then the best thank you very much that was very helpful

  7. I've been in the sun since I was 10 years old starting in Australia now I'm 60 years old and fighting skin cancer. God is great. Cover up. Maw bass. Great video.

  8. I would like to fish middlenof day or later but our lakes here in Arizona are flooded with jet skis, Wave boats are causing havoic for bass boats.

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