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Why New Bass Fisherman Fail To Catch Bass – Common Spring Fishing Mistakes

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  1. I was out casting all morning and didnt even get a bite. It was a spot i normally have good luck with early mornings 😔

  2. Saltwater fishin' is similar, a cold front in Florida makes a huge difference in how the fish bite. It shuts off the bite a lot of times, or the fish move to deeper water. So instead of the flats you go to the canals or channels.

  3. Matt, I try to watch your videos. Alot I know, for I'm Ancient Old School, but I love the new Techniques you Teach. You, Kevin Van Dam, Mark, Daniel's, Jacob Wheeler, Scott Martin, and those that Teach on this Channel is Awesome 👌 I'm 70 years of age. Maybe I'll see you one Day or at least work with one of your Sponsor Ship.

  4. YouTube is full of regurgitated info , stop doing this and stop telling people what to do ! Let them live and learn on their own

  5. This has been the worst time for me. I’m on a major skunk streak. Started off great in the winter but once the pre spawn and spawn started I can’t catch anything.

  6. You have to change and adapt with the conditions. That's why learning bass behavior and patterns is so crucial! Being able to predict when and where those bass will be set up trumps junk fishing any day.

  7. Clearwater lake warming trend all week tomorrow is rain and cooling. Sunday when I am fishing huge drop in temps almost 20 degree drop in air temp.. So I am only fishing moving baits randomly for only a few minutes through the day..

  8. Hey Randy what a great tip I never knew what to use when these cold fronts came in. Now I know to fish on the bottom when those fronts come in. Thanks Alot randy see you later fishing teacher.

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