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What Size Weight To Use For Fishing | How To | Bass Fishing

How to choose the right size weight for Texas rigs and jigs. The definitive guide for picking weights. Detailed and straightforward tutorial that breaks down the factors for selecting bullet weights and jig sizes.

0:00 Texas Rigs and Jigs
1:08 The Critical Foundation
2:34 1. The Type of Cover
3:33 2. The Water Depth
5:13 3. Wind
7:29 4. Bait Bulk
8:48 5. Current
11:35 6. The Mood of the Fish
13.09 Recommendations

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  1. Thanks for the video Glenn. I’ve come to realize that probably every answer to every fishing question can be answered with “it depends.” I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  2. I think we get too caught up in the idea of always using as little weight as we can get away with- it kept me from catching fish for a long time I think. Also- the idea that largemouth are never in the current is just wrong – I fish spillways, it's almost all current but you know where I catch the biggest bass- right in the heaviest current there is. This current is so strong there are signs up warning you that if you fall in you're gonna have a tough time- you have to wear a PFD to enter the water there. It's right where the water comes out of the dam- the largemouth sit there waiting for shad and bluegill that get caught in the current. You can pitch a crank up into the current and just as you come off the concrete slab it flows over- bam! The bass are sitting in holes there waiting for something to come over their heads. Now if I had of followed the advice I was given over and over again when starting back to bass fishing I would've never even tried that current, and I would be throwing almost everything weightless or on 1/4 sinkers. I would've missed over half the fish I've caught- if not more.

    Now all that said- if you're fishing for spotted bass you can disregard about half of what I just said. When I fish for spots they do like a slower fall generally, and they relate to bottom less than largemouth do. They don't seem to be big on jigs or creature baits like largemouth- they prefer baitfish imitations 9 times out of 10. They like smaller profiles, shiny stuff, and chartreus- and they're a blast to catch. A 2 pound spot fights like a 3-4 pound largemouth.

  3. Glenn this is truelly a brilliant video that makes a LOT of sense to me. Here in South Africa everyone says no weight as far as possible but what you said here is defnitely more accurate. Thanks for an excellent channel.

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