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Top 3 Late Summer Bass Fishing Techniques

Check out Texas rigs – https://omnia.fish/3yf8abV
Check out Finesse jigs – https://omnia.fish/2UON7PS
Check out Drop Shots – https://omnia.fish/3yrEOHD

Late summer can be a tough time to fish. Typically the hottest water temperatures of the year mixed with the continued pressure of anglers can make the bite harder to find. Pete has experience this time of year and walks you through his top 3 techniques during the late summer. Between a flipping setup, jig, or a drop shot – you are bound to put fish in the boat.

Big Bite Craw Tube – https://omnia.fish/3jdQdGv
Zman Hula Stickz – https://omnia.fish/2WsEye8

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  1. Heavy EWG way better than flipping hooks. Only downside is not as strong. I tried flipping hook after mastering flipping and didnt like how it tears the bait and bait sits less 'straight' on the hook. Flipping is about speed and I cant be fixing my bait every few cast.

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