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We try BASS FISHING in Miami ponds

I drove up to Miami to do some FISHING!
Things get a little WILD while we reel em in 🐟

Fishing in Miami is easy to do! There’s ponds everywhere and you can almost bet on it that they are going to hold fish. So let’s get to it and do some Bass fishing in Florida ponds.

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When pond fishing in Miami the best bait to use is live shiners. If the bass are there they will eat them! We catch peacock bass on live bait in this fishing video. We also catch snapper, snook and even a barracuda!

See what other bass fishing videos we have here on the South Florida Fishing Channel on youtube. Cheers!


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  1. Cool Video!. Goes to show you that you don't need a ton of gear or equipment to have a fun time fishing. Oh, and why no introduction of the girl? She seems like a perfect fit to your personality.

  2. Kickass vid. I watch all your videos on my TV and I don't know how to comment so you get twice the views from me cuz of it. I should have never started watching on the big screen.

  3. That was awesome Heiko!! Great to see fellow YouTuber Monster Mike out there. Consider doing a vid with him as he does some fun, crazy stuff!! Ciao!!

  4. She tried to reel the fish through the pole eyes. But at least she wasn’t fishing with the pole upside down and reeling it backwards like I’ve seen on other people’s videos lol.

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