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Bass Fishing a Spillway on the West Fork Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas!

In this video I went fishing at a super cool spillway that I found in Fort Worth, Texas! I know that fish love to hang around moving water, so I was excited to try out this spot. Winter bass fishing is tough right now, so it won’t be easy to catch fish right now! If you enjoyed this fishing video, then hit the like button and leave a comment for me! Be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you won’t miss out on any future bass fishing videos!

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  1. I’ve got a few videos fishing that spot up above that spillway 🤙🏽. Looks like you had fun. When you fish the trinity you have to cover ALOT of water. They are rarely bunched up. I’ve got a bunch of trinity videos if you wanna check em out. I do really well there.

  2. Enjoyed the video. I can show ya alot of spillways that I fish in the fort Worth area. Be more than happy to show ya some juicy river spots. Love river fishing…get kinda bored fishing ponds

  3. Enjoyed the video. That looks like a perfect spot to throw a rooster tail or road runner. I've done well with those this time of year below Ray Roberts and Lewisville. Especially if you have white bass and spots.

  4. I got a nice 2+ pounder on Sunday between 183 and White Settlement, maybe a a little over a mile from where you were. Got it with a Texas rig with a PB&J Z-Man hula stick.

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