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Water Temperature CHEAT SHEET For BASS FISHING // How Water Temp Can Help You FIND Bass

Bass fishing and water temperature have a positive correlation. Understanding water temperature and how it affects bass can help you to find and locate bass quickly when you get to the lake.

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Although water temperature isn’t the ONLY thing that make bass move, it really can affect their movements throughout the year.

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  1. Im a certified Wildlife Biologist and retired Biology teacher and your research videos and other videos i've been watching are super informative and awesomely done. You have a great presentation style so keep making these great videos.

  2. 5 minutes in and I see this doesn’t really pertain to Florida 🤣 it’s Dec 27th and yesterday the air temp was in the low 30s and tomorrow is supposed to be back in the mid 80s 🤦‍♂️

  3. Found it totally useless as far as chart goes. Would have been more useful to have lures and locations to find fish attached with each temp range in maybe a pdf left in description to download.

  4. At 4:45 my guy I just can’t stop laughing ;what you know we don’t ?
    Bass HQ : Florida waters may hit 100 degrees
    Mean While: Ohio in 80 plus years from this video you just wait

    ?? Hot water

  5. Great video again man I appreciate all the information one question though does the water temperature hold for Smallmouth the same as Largemouth and the lake that I fish has a max depth of like 300 ft what depth would the smallest go to in that kind of water

  6. Dude i love ur videos, i think you are the best to explain those things, but I swear it's hard to kepp it up on the datas(i'm from italy) every time u say a temperature i neet to traslate it to celsius on google and stop the video hahaha anyway, love ur content, keep it up❤

  7. Awesome vid man, i have a question tho. What if the body of water you fish is at max 5.5” in depth??? Do i look for shaded areas??? Under docks and trees n stuff???? 🤔

  8. Thanks a bunch for this. The weather has been CRAZY this year and I’ve been going nuts as a brand new angler, trying to pick out baits. I fish from the bank and use a thermometer. This will make it a lot easier to at least be in the ballpark! Really, thank you.

  9. Thanks for this. We’ve had CRAZY weather this winter and spring and, as a brand new angler I’ve been going nuts picking lures. Fishing from the bank but using a thermometer.

  10. My question is the whole body of water with same temperature or the temperature varies depending on the depth of the lake as well? When you say winter water temperature is 45 that means is 45 at the bank at 5 feet of water and as well in the middle of the lake at 40 feet of water? Thank you

  11. Just curious what effects bass more ? Temp or Sun angle(seasonal change). Would a bass from Minnesota be actively feeding in the middle winter if you dropped him in AZ? Water temps are similar in opposite seasons.

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