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Watch these Double Digit Bass go into a FEEDING FRENZY!! (Livescope Recording)

I can’t find any footage on YouTube with this many big fishing eating big swimbaits recorded LIVE with livescope. This was an EPIC feeding frenzy!

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  1. I’m not a LS fan but won’t lie I would have loved to have one wile pre spawn fishing Cayuga in 2016. I set off a 5-6lb school feeding frenzy with a friend throwing squarebills. Every other cast we were pulling them in for a solid 3 hours. Seeing what was going on down below would have been great

  2. The carpet in a bassboat
    1. keeps the floor from freezing over in the cold
    2. provides friction so stuff put on the deck (like rods) doesn't slide around and easier grip so you dont need nonslip shoes
    3. not a hard surface to sit on
    4. water doesnt pool on the deck

    It's one of those things that are inconvenient at times but you'd miss it if you didnt have it 😛

  3. Watched him fishing my lake up in nor cal, spent the whole time staring at the tv. Meanwhile he's floating by God's country. Not picking on him specifically, it's 90%now. If you're not in a tournament take it all in . Please! He's wayyyy better at fishing than I am. Just sad to see the young guys always looking at the tube.

  4. Big bass are much more aggressive in colder water. Most fish will become more active when the water temp is about 65 degrees or cooler. Time of year has alot to do wit it as well as the time of day.

  5. Awesome video man! What line do you use with your glide baits because I can’t make it work. If I use 15 pound flouro I break off all my big baits, if I use 25 and up the fish won’t bite it at all because I live in California and these fish are fished at by hundreds, if not thousands of fisherman every week so they won’t touch shit if it has anything with over 15 pound flouro on it. So idk what to do and it sucks cause I can only catch them on big glides when the water is super dirty, which is rare only after a storm.

  6. Kudos on the livescope footage. That’s was definitely cool to see them all chasing it. Those where some fat bass! Might be cold out but when your catching fish like that you don’t even think about it.

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