Stop Trying To Control Bass Fishing…

In today’s YouTube video, we will discuss. Why are you can’t try to control anything in BassFishing…#bassmaster #bass #bassfishing #fishing #fish #fishingtrip #angler

Lake map breakdowns…

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  1. This video might be the best content I've seen out there yet! Now I'd just like to better dial in the decision making or adjustments based on the sometimes overwhelming variables.

  2. I think this is a great reminder for many things in life. Its easy to get frustrated when things happen that are truly OUTSIDE of your control… it is and forever will be that way. Roll with it and carry on! Great vid Randy!

  3. I found myself trying so many different methods to catch bass that I was getting frustrated…thanks for this video it helps, I enjoy just being on the water in nature feeling closer to god

  4. Spot On! There are just too many variables that we, as tournament fisherman; have no control over. That is exactly why no one; locally, or on the professional side that can win every tournament. I believe consistency is the name of the game. The wins will come. Also, I think that the days of on the water instincts, as in years of knowledge, are being replaced by electronics. I will roll with the flow so I don't get left behind. I appreciate you and am glad your channel has grown so much!

  5. hard work does help. If not you would just fish when the tournament is happening. It might not equate to success , but without it, a once a month angler would be on tour.

  6. That makes the absolute most sense than anything I’ve ever heard lol but it seems to simple to believe it’s true lol…. But it really is!!!

  7. I bought your RB2 solar bat sunglasses, I love em, excellent in all light conditions, just went fishing I could see the bottom several feet down and they don’t squeeze my head very comfortable…

  8. I appreciate this sentiment, I always catch my biggest ones when I'm just playing and observing, not thinking I know better. Rushing and forcing things causes mistakes and poor mental state. This applies to a lot more things in life than just fishing, too. Thanks Mr. Blaukat for your time and energy.

  9. Do you have a promo code for Bait works,this was a good video,that's what makes bass fishing so fun,the fact that you never truly now what the fish are doing until you start fishing that day

  10. Definitely experienced this yesterday! Threw all at them I was supposed to! Jerk bait, chatter bait, flat sided crank bait, wiggle wort! Nothing!!!!! Met some guys at the ramp that had slayed them on a senko wacky rig!!! In February!!’ Felt like what the #%**!!!

  11. Hi Randy, Deon from Namibia I appreciate the time you put into sharing your knowledge. I use your information mostly to catch tiger fish in some of our rivers. A little bit of bass fishing but that is quite a trip. Thanks for this video yes I agree go out there change lures if its not working. Have a good one from Namibia

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