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Urban Bass Fishing

Ya’ll are coming with me as I fish some of my local Tampa ponds. I call this Urban Bass Fishing 😉
Thanks so much for watching!
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  1. Well the thing about these little lakes, private ponds, water shed places is you can darn near dip your toes in the water and catch a bass. Look how skinny they are. I catch them in down town water channels all the time.

  2. A nicely well job done on catching those nice sized beauties of bass right there and there's no question about it. Also enjoyed watching this wonderful video and I cannot wait until the next one comes.

  3. that's right i always get started before day when i go fishing , and i also use a weighted ewg hook with screw lock for small swimbait fishing , i guess you've been busy i haven't seen many of your video's lately

  4. Very nice! Been catching them in good numbers on some rapala X raps, gamble stingers rigged up as you were doing, and some power Ned rigs with some gambler fat aces. Looking forward to more adventures. Tight lines!

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