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Traveled 4 HOURS for THIS! – Road Trip Bassin’ w Kali

I take my friend Kali to one of my favorite fishing spots and I taught her a new way to fish!

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  1. Hillary because alligators go after fish please don't grab the fish in the water because the gators are fast. I don't want to see you dragged in the lake by your arm.

  2. Just love young kids in joying the outdoors. I love Hillary‘s positive attitude every time I watch one of her videos it’s nothing but positive there’s so many videos that you click on now there’s nothing but negative thoughts and negative people don’t never let nobody can you Hillary always stay positive and you have a good life it don’t matter what you do in life if you’re positive about it good things will come thank you for the videos

  3. The Reel Hilary Sue and Kelley or vice versa. The Bass fishing was once upon a time casting the Large mouth wood smoken smoke hous is warming double ovetime with no rejection or objection. You Kelly fished like experts your voice reserved some Erica Flynn lol. Fillers and Fries and cole slaw and Hot sauce my plate doesnt change.👗💮🌸🩴🤏💦

  4. Man watching u grow up has been a adventure, already pulling the boat and going on your own just doesn't seem real but my daughter fixing to be 17 in a few days so I guess it's a reality. Good video hill keep em coming..

  5. Awesome video! Question about ur bass mafia case. Does it keep your terminal tackle in place without the hooks going into other slots? Maybe someday do a video of your bait and terminal tackle storage. Thx

  6. Congrats Kali on the big fish of the day! Hilary, I am looking so forward to you ripping lips on the College circuit, I'm sure you'll bring the same fun and enthusiasm there as well. Love ya ❤

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