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Transport Big Bass To New Pond

I am transporting all the big bass from my TiKi Bass Tank to a new pond, I just don’t think my TiKi Bass Tank is big enough for all them big basses. Thanks for the help of Brandon J, we got the job done without any problems and a special thanks to my buddy Benny Haley for his helps on cooking ribs and steak for everyone to enjoy at the end of workday.

#pondstocking #basspond #basstransporting


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  1. Are shiners and minnows two different species of fish? when I was a kid I use to catch what my parents called Chub. they were anywhere from 6" up to like 11" in length but they look like over sized shiners.

  2. Live that new bug pond/Lake Sammy you made! It's big enough to put a small island in the middle and build a bridge to it from the side. Maybe build a small open gazebo on it to just sit in and enjoy!👍🤙😎❤

  3. The old man can for sure grill! Man that makes me super hungry! I’ll be there for dinner tomorrow night lol. And you invited us at the end so you better start a restaurant for your fans! No shiner on the menu though.

  4. What a Great video 👍👍. That is a Great way to feed your Bass ! So you said you are kinda starting over on the Tiki Tank. So you took the Lg Bass out that Brandon put in. So now going to put small ones in there to grow 👍👍👍. Hope you video that when you do it . . Keep up the Great Work 👍👍. Your videos are fun to watch 👍👍❤️🙏🙏

  5. Nice addition to the new pond Sam and great idea about the tiki tank fish can't wait to visibly see the growth of the fish from small to shinersams Giants great work keep up the good work budd 💪 Hernando county in the house 😎

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