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Amazing, Great Bass Fishing Lake Closed Forever?!?!?!

Lake Monticello, one of the greatest bass fishing lakes ever, has officially been closed for the foreseeable future as of now! This is a very sad ordeal and today we will discuss how this came to be.

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  1. This is what happens when we keep supporting the privatization of Texas. All the republicans love it when the government doesnt have say in what people can do with land but then republicans are also mostly bass anglers. Unless you are a rich republican you dont matter to the republican party. The elites will strip your access to honeyholes, hunting spots and everything else you loved as a child. Party of the working class my ass. Unless you can afford to buy the land you are screwed in Texas. As a native I am about to leave and go to a state with BLM access.

  2. Man that sucks! My dad is down there right now and told me about this. A big group of us drive down from northern Illinois once or twice a year to fish this lake and a few others. Lots of memories on that lake.

  3. The City of Monticello has decided to drain the lake to repair issues with portions of the dam sagging, which could indicate issues with structural integrity. … As a result of the lake being drained, the AGFC is removing all limits to all species of fish so anglers can make use of the resource before it is gone.Jul 30, 2019

  4. Had some 60 plus fish days the past two winters out there and smallest was 4lbs and the lake was empty or almost empty. Had two or three on I could not turn and busted me off or got off int the grass. Since the plant went down the size of fish went up and was predicting the next state record from there. Will be sorely missed. Fear once the private land is sold it will go the way of Fork with development. What keeps it great is the lack of lake side development Only thing that is constant is change. Blessed I had the chance to fish this awesome little lake that ushered in the Texas Florida big bass era.

  5. I called and talked to a friend that works for Luminant. As far as he knows, the park was closed due to disrepair and liability issues as the company tries to sell it all (power plant, related property and the lake.) Power plant would be sold for salvage. As far as he knows, they aren't stopping folks from shore fishing or kayak fishing. But I have not seen anyone on the causeway fishing in a while, so I wonder if folks are getting run off? Maybe it's just been too damn hot. I like the Priefert idea.

  6. So the lake is not closed because there is a bridge across it that is public property… right? Right now there is no way, that I know of, to get a boat on it. So why not just cut the damn dam and make it a part of Lake Bob? That gets my vote.

  7. Are we talking about Lake Monticello in Titus County TX or Lake Monticello in Arkansas?. The one in Arkansas is being drained for Dam & Levee repair….

  8. Texas anglers should unite and hire a lawyer(s) to sue Luminant for the amount of Sportfish Restoration dollars used on the lake over the decades. TPWD should have the ability to crunch the numbers for the cost of fish surveys, stocked fish, creel surveys, man hours, and any other federal/state funded projects at this lake. Also, why don't public anglers have a right-of-way similar to ranch/property owners? All the fisheries work at this lake was payed for by the public angler, they should have access! After all, all wildlife is held in public trust.

  9. I have launched my kayak a few times at the bridge. Which for me was much better than making the paddle/pedal from the ramp on the south end. Sure would be nice to have official access like a ramp and parking lot built next to the bridge. Not sure how that would happen though. I’m guessing if you can carry kayak down you can still get on the water. But even that is a chore. Really sucks for all the guys who like to take the boat there. Hope it gets worked out.

  10. Never built on water. But on land I am a beast when it comes to decks steps and ramp. And I mean sho enough ramps ADA and UFAS spec ramps and build them up to a 115ft in one day that's my record. But besides that if your buddy gets the park I would gladly donate my time tools and experience to renovating the docks already have ideas and looking up the specs texas requires. Now. A bone to pick with mr smashtecher I have a swimbait or yours been repairing and repairing and repairing the last 3 I have because you don't make the model anymore I don't remember the name and east texas sonar doesn't have it anymore either. Because description I can give it looks like the the scottsboro tackle 5 inch swimbait. The main one ghttoswimbaits promotes on Instagram. I would gladly bring the bait to you as a refresher, I feel withdrawls just thinking about it lol. Can't wait for the new upcoming vidyas!! Also come down hwy 154 and go see caddo one time

  11. Is the whole lake privately owned? Or just the boat ramp? It looks like someone could put a kayak in at the bridge if the lake itself happens to be public

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