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TOURNAMENT WIN! Bass fishing adrenaline! 7lb BIG BASS

Gus and I had a blessed day on the water! Asa hits homerun at his first at bat this season! Life is good!!

Drone operator- Gage Coley


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  1. Man before you go fishin your gonna have a flat don’t forget to fix it😂😂😂 not laughing at that but I already seen the video before this’n

  2. Man, all this years and I only just found out that Sean is actually Lucas, 40 years old doing all this cool stuff. I was 6 years old when Tokyo Drift came out now I’m 23 and after Fast 9 seeing Sean I mean Lucas in the movie to now finding his YouTube channel man my mind is blown. Great stuff you doing sir, keep it up 👍🏻 wish you and your family all the best, hope to see you in a fast saga again 💪🏻❤️

  3. Ive always been a fan and I am so glad you are spending time with your family. But I gotta say everytime I see this episode of NCIS New Orleans where Lasalle dies it makes me so sad. You brought something to this show. Just like every other project

  4. Honestly…. The most wholesome channel on YouTube I’ve come across. God fearing, Bass angler, bow hunting, father and minister all in one Chanel. Thank you for what your doing!

  5. Big fan… if you ever come to FLORIDA and want to hunt something let me know I have plenty of land.deer, hogs, turkeys and good fishing 💪

  6. Life of a real dad! —cut to the baseball game real quick to show first at bat—😅
    Love it. 5 kids of my own and I know the sport/hobbie shuffle is real life

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