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  1. I love fishing a hover rig under some nasty flooded brush. But I've found that I have to mod it a bit otherwise I get hung up a lot. A caffeine shad from Strike King works great and skips great.

  2. With the core hover rig I would love to see more weight sticking out in front of the eye instead of on the shank. Even if it sticks out of the front of the bait when rigged. No weight on the hook shank makes much more action.

  3. 1/8 hover rig with a creature hog is becoming a must have for me. I throw it on a medium/fast baitcaster with 10lb fluorocarbon. Same rig l tube with. I leave the weed guard on and have landed every bass that bit from 10 inch to 4+lbs. Basically replaced the tube for me. I would have never used this technique if l had to tie on a jig hook and burn through a box of nail weights and plastics.

  4. I’m still waiting for international shipping on the hover rig. Can’t wait to get my hands on those things. I got a bunch of baits I want to try. 😂

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