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Here is a video for you guys. Bass fishing is starting and soon the whole country will be slaying fish. I hope everyone catches monsters like these guys did. Good luck to everyone this 2020 bass season. Please like and subscribe!

1. TylersReelFishing

2. BigBassDreams

3. Vella Outfitters

4. Morgan Williams

5. The North Florida Angler


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  2. Maybe I'm old fashioned but that first clip is its own class of " catch " to me. Fishing and targeting one fish on a bed is super duper easy mode. Harassing a big ole female on a bed that will literally hit anything is not largemouth bass fishing to me. If You can spot a fish of a lifetime and hover over her bed for hours you'll get hook eventually. Next to anybody can. There's usually almost no fight, no explosion on a lure that you dont expect is coming. The unknown is taken out it. It almost doesn't feel like fishing. Its too easy, and I'm not only person who frowns upon it. They could let that big bass go, come back tomorrow and probably catch her again. To each their own but its no where near the experience of catching a 17 pound bass the " real " way.

  3. I'm no bleeding heart type of dude, but I really did hope the guy who caught the 17lb fish that the local had caught earlier got released. The fact the locals are releasing it makes me hope a visitor would as well so the next person can experience that kind of excitement too 🤙👍

  4. I caught a 14 pound jack fish (northern pike) a couple years back. 30lb test and I thought I was snagged, took me a while to get him in. I even ended up jumping in the water thigh deep and shoveling him onto the shore because I couldn’t land him. That was a good day.

  5. That one with the music that was 15 lb 12 oz had a fat belly must be full of eggs that was the biggest gut I’ve ever seen on a bass. My record is just a measly 8 lbs 10 oz large mouth. I got a 1 lb 5 oz kiver that was 11 inches was kinda thin too if she ate well she’s be a record fish probably 1 Lb 12-14 oz almost thought about putting her in my pond and fattening her up but I let her be. I have 4 1 lb kivers in my pound now and 5 4-6 pound wm bass and a half dozen 3-4 pounders. Can’t wait for them to get huge, Bobby Joe is the name of my biggest one she’s 6 lb 14 oz but she’s 25 inches long so she’s gotta a lot of fatten up to do she should be 9 pounds. I got her and 3 other small guys from a pound that wasnt doing well bass were dying.

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