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Bass Fishing Basics: How To Fish A Spinnerbait

Travis Moran breaks down the basics of fishing a spinnerbait for bass during pretty much any season. As in all our how to videos, Travis talks about rigging, retrieval, and location to make sure you are prepared at your local lake or pond.

Spinnerbait featured in video: Dobyns D-Blade Beast

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  1. Caught a bass first time using a spinner bait yesterday!! White spinner bait and added a nice clear white rubber trailer on the hook. The bass went for it and I hooked it!!! Very exciting for me even though it was only a 12" bass!!! I'm sold on spinner baits!!

  2. True true true. Absolutely true that the spinnerbait is the most versatile lure of all. When i cant get a bite on all other lures im guaranteed a bite on the spinnerbait. I get bit on the spinnerbait all the time. Bass of all sizes hit it

  3. Great item. First cast out of the package caught a nice bass. Pulls smooth in the water and sets up nicely immediately upon retrieval. Worth adding to your tackle box.

  4. Hello I know it’s a small chance of you seeing this but I wanted to ask what should I do with a spinner-bait ?

    I have a snap on the end of my leader should I put it on the spinner or cut the snap or cut it and tie a knot in the spinner?

  5. I typically throw spinner baits using 30# braid on a spinning rod but probably half my casts comeback with the spinner blades tangled in my fishing line. How do I prevent this from happening?

  6. Good video Travis. As a bank fisherman ive never had any luck with a spinnerbait. But i have only one chartreuse spinnerbait ive tried minimally because i dont have any confidence in it. So if i want to give it an honest try before i give up on spinnerbaits can you tell me what 2 or 3 color spinnerbaits should i have to cover most situations? And being in northern calif , lake amador, don pedro, melones area, what blades and colors should i use as well? Thank you.

  7. I love seeing LTB come back to its roots that helped it become so successful in the first place! It’s really nice seeing Travis back and hyped up on the YouTube channel! Just wish this company would help me out!😉

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