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Top 5 Baits of the Month April 2023| Jacob Wheeler

These are the top 5 baits of the month for the month of April 2023. If i’m going bass fishing in April, I DEFINITELY have these tied on! Catch more fish by being more efficient and knowing what to have tied on before you hit the water. Let me know if any of these tips or bits of info help you catch another bass or two on your next trip because that is seriously the reason behind this channel, to help you catch more bass.

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  1. Ask Cliff Crochet about the floating jerkbait. I watched a video with him throwing it about ten years ago. He’s the floating jerkbait king.

  2. I Spent last Saturday 4/15 on the water for like 6 hours with Sean Wieda on my boat. you guys are a boat load of knowledge. Great guy he said how great of guy you are and the wealth of knowledge you have.

  3. Great video I caught my biggest bass on the floating repela,the smaller one you showed. In wind out of the north and white capping 6-8 inches 3casts 1st one 6 1/4 lb. 2nd 6 3/4 lb. 3rd 7 1/4 lb. 1 st 2 on rock pile up in a creek, 3 rd on stump row 50yds away. In Tennessee. Tell them fish will bit in the wind on top water, and a floating repela. O I had all three bass mounted. 👍

  4. Lol😂 won 2 local tournaments, one at Falls lake and the other at Kerr lake, last year with big ol repalla 17s.. dont be giving the secrets away

  5. Hey bro!! I met u an mark Daniel's Jr at Mexican restaurant a few years ago in paris tenn. Yall are just awesome! What an honor to meet such talent but so down to earth! If yall ever find yrself in paris tenn again, I'd love to go fishing an the take ya to mexico!! God bless ya bud

  6. Brother I ain't no pro but dood you give it up in this video thanks for your honesty and I hope that you have another great and wonderful season.

  7. That double Pitzen Knot on that jig is the deal! That knot is better than a Palomar in my opinion, I've had a Palomar break at the knot but I have never broke a double pitzen! Never

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