Mistakes to Avoid when Starting Bass Fishing

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Follow along my journey as I attempt to catch trophy bass, hone my craft, entertain, and share my learning experiences.

Favorite Baits: Chatterbait, Crankbait, Jerkbait, Shaky Head, Frogs.

Favorite Equipment: 13 Fishing Inception Reel, 13 Fishing Envy Rod, Caymas Boats, Mercury Fourstroke Pro XS, Fuji Rod Components, Striker, Untamed Tackle, SPRO, and Gamakatsu Hooks.

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  1. I was using a 36V trolling motor that was made in 2000. I had lead acid battery system that was heavy and constantly needed maintenance. The trolling motor wore me out to steer and deploy it all day, especially in heavy winds. This year I updated to a Ghost and lithium Ionic batteries. Best ever update to my fishing days!

  2. I did the same on the rain suit…I even took it a step further…I had nothing in my boat…I would just get soaked and never miss a beat. I finally got some cheap Walmart frogg toggs and realized at that point…I needed a good suit. I got my Aftco set and it's a game changer.

  3. Buying higher end reels. Got by with the cheap stuff. Then bought a $200 to see if there was a difference. WOW, I have gotten rid of my cheaper reels.

  4. I'm older and don't fish tournament any more than a few locals. So I'm not going to make the investment of buying forward facing solar array my age and living on a fixed income. I'll consider buying a a better spinning reel.

  5. I found the importance of good quality sunglasses. They have the comfort you need when on the water for long periods. I only have 1 pair so they are only used for fishing.

  6. I agree about the sunglasses, but what if you wear prescription glasses? There's very few options that I know of for a quality pair of sunglasses that fit over normal prescription glasses. And getting prescription polarized glasses is really expensive. Right now I use Cocoons and they're ok, but is there a better option?

  7. Kyle, I use to roll cheap with spinning setup myself. I didn’t like them so I didn’t put any money into them and when I would go to throw them they would always give me issues, then I started getting some nicer Lews reels and better rods like my 13 Fishing rods and WOW, what a difference that made. I love throwing my wacky set ups, but i did switch to a bait caster for my Shaky Head setups.

  8. I agree with you 100% on the rain gear that's something I put off for a couple years also a good spinning rod and reel is a must as bad as I hate to say it

  9. I agree on the spinning rod and reel 100% I learned that crappie fishing sensitivity is key on spinning tackle. you can catch fish on cheep gear but you can catch more on quality gear

  10. Mine was a boat. I realized the people I fished behind most of the time were learning from me but I think that has alot to do with how fishing is now. Been fishing since the early 80s and when I threw an H&H, firetail worm, and a brokeback minnow.

  11. I have same problem with really sensitive eyes. But honestly I think it’s cause of my face shape. Like my cheek structure reflects the light right into my eyes. Hence why football players wear eye black

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