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Top 5 Baits for CATCHING BASS – March 2023

Top 5 Baits for CATCHING BASS – March 2023

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  1. I was on a “piney” lake in East Texas yesterday (3/6/23) and the water temp where the spawn was already going on was 68°. No doubt Wheeler is one of the very best, but this information is just a generalization. It may not even apply or be totally incorrect for your body of water. That said I have gained a ton of knowledge and have been a long time subscriber of the channel.

  2. Thanks for the Good Video, I wanted to mention i was throwing a Simple Texas Rig with a Craw on Black and sparkly blue and was actually just Rippin lips.

  3. I can’t believe you and Randy gave away the greatest topwater secret of all times. The black Lunker Lure. Cold, warming water, doesn’t matter how cold. Fresh water running in=money.

  4. Thanks for the info it’s nice to be able to watch a video from someone that actually knows what’s going on. I fish Kentucky lake and what you’ve said in this video is coming into play. Thanks again n oh by the way can I get a DING !!!!!!

  5. Good day Jacob Wheeler I enjoy the bait of the month videos and try it but maybe you can explain why no one really mentions Florida in most of them, I was just wondering?

  6. Wow do you think you can manage to stay any busier this season. Fishing a different tournament every weekend, making videos, doing all the interviews, meet and greets and just pressing the flesh with the public. Good thing the sun goes down at some point so you get some sleep. The best of luck this season.

  7. I fished a small Lil local reservoir yesterday it's been closed for 4 months in winter water started out 63 got up to 67 it was windy/cloudy none on bed but did see few catfish up shallow. I fished prespawn places, flats, etc an could not get anything going it blew my mind! Did have one blowup on the buzzbait I cranked, spinnerbait, bladed jig, shaky head, jig, Texas rig u name it..any ideas??

  8. Great video. Would really like to go fishing with you sometime. Come join me on South Lake Barkley and I’ll see if Ronnie Critcheloe will join us.

  9. I fished for hours today with 0 bites. Late in the day I pulled way back in a small pocket, foot of water, and caught 3 back to back on a Rocco. Never know.

  10. you know what really sucks, when you go fishing for the first time on your new to you boat and you pull out your brand new Jacob Wheeler rods and lews reels and rig one up and fish for a bit and not rig the other one up then decide to move spots but forget to secure the rods down you watch that brand spankin new Duckett rod and lews real you spent your hard earned money on go right overboard when the bow rises just before you get on plane….. that really SUCKED… 350$ right to the bottom of the lake…. UGH!!!

  11. All I heard was buzzbait I love buzzbait fishing I've always had my best luck on rainy days in the fall with a buzzbait I'll have to get one of yours I'm going to order one great content

  12. J Dub! You should make another skipping video with the chatterjig. I can't remember which event it was last year but you were skipping the heck out of some marina. Some of the slickest skipping I've ever seen! That backhand was sick 😎🤙

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