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Top 4 Baits for April: Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Bass Fishing

Join Mike Iaconelli in his latest video as he reveals his top 4 bass baits for April. If you’re fishing in the North, his number one pick is the Lipless Crankbait, also known as the Rattle Trap. This bait triggers a reaction bite, making it ideal for the spring when fish are on the move and looking for food. Mike shares his color and size recommendations for this bait to help you keep it simple.

For his second pick, Mike recommends the ChatterBait, which appeals to a lot of different fish with its ability to imitate various forage. This bait is ideal for fishing in heavy cover and comes in handy when fishing for fish that are starting to use more cover in the spring. Mike shares his top three color picks for this bait that are sure to catch some fish.

Whether you’re in the North or the South, these two baits are a must-have in your tackle box for April fishing. So tune in and get ready to catch some big ones!

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  1. Deptford here. Me and my buddy carried and handlaunched my 10ft Jon boat over the guard rail on Herschs pod for shits and giggles😂😂1 side to the other in 9 seconds..we timed it

  2. After few years following you, Lipless crank baits with same colors, still your number one choice for spring fishing. I am going out with them today 🙂, thanks for the tips.

  3. Hi Mike!
    Thanks 4 your perfect youtube channel.
    I am from austria and my grandparents are italian. I ❤ the magic minnow video, 1 of the first fishing methods my grandpa who brought me in the fishing game, showed me. He ever said who needs something more than his one fingernails to open small splitrings is no real fisherman, 😂 you are the first real professional I ever saw who does IT the same way! Cadance, chance of hooksices by hardbaits to get them up or down, feddert hooks, and and…..In one word I can feel ya stuff from deepest heart.
    Wish you the best with the channel.
    Thank 2 share with u!

  4. Always look forward to advice from a fishermen from my home state things are early this year we had no winter this year in NJ already catching them on a chatter bait 2 weeks ago awesome lure in spring

  5. Thanks for the tips Mike. I’m not too far north of you (NH) and we still have ice! Hopefully then next week or so I’ll get out on open water!

  6. and that's why I always watch Mike's channel he breaks down north and south .. I live in West virginia I need the north baits that work . Thanks Mike awesome info bro

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