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Top 3 Muddy Water Lures for Winter Bass Fishing

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  1. Thanks guys. Mat finish is important and the color of it in muddy water is also. Darker colors are seen by bass best in muddy water (black/blue) then bright colors (chartreuse/flor. orange).
    Rod sweeping lipless looks very promising instead of hopping to cover water more efficiently. Will try and thank you for your tip.

  2. That sweep, wind down, sweep, wind down retrieve works great! I use it for bladed jigs as well! Caught a ton doing that with a slobberknocker and the regular $5 Zman chatterbait!

  3. Awesome video thanks fellas! Light bulb went off for me when I tied on a yellow shiny sided jerk bait one day fishing 45 degree chocolate milk because none of my typical dirty water stuff was working and I straight up smoked showed some dandies, my smallest that day was 4 pounds!

  4. Matte finish with "glow" for color, with tight wobble and slow sink is the key tip from Randy. I have such little luck in winter, but very limited time to practice before the water is frozen also… Keep the tips, and the jerky, coming 🙂

  5. Once again I like them all, keep them coming. Question for Jimi have you used the sweep technique. with a 1/2 trap or do you prefer a3/4 for this technique and water temp.and clarity?

  6. Of the 3, I would favor the lipless since I have a lot of confidence with and is an extremely versatile lure. I like to mix and match sweeping and yo-yo retrieves.

  7. I think Jimi tip is pretty good sweeping the lipless crankbait but I do think everyone had good tips and information on the video thanks and good fishing 🎣

  8. I highly recommend Bill Lewis suspending Rat-L-Traps for low and slow presentations in muddy cold water. They catch water much better so they swim when retrieved slowly. the rattles also get their attention before it enters the strike zone. they also cast far and help you cover more water.

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