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BEST COLD WATER Bass Fishing Lure YOU Need To Try (Bank Fishing)

I didn’t realize that I only we only threw Frittsided in the video until now. Hey I mean they work obviously. There is a link in the description if you want to pick up a few! (Accepting the cookies lets them know I sent you!)

Berkley Frittside Crankbait:

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  1. Time hanging out with the family is always fun…time i spent with my cousin when we where growing up brings nothing but joy to my heart. Kid ,keep doing what you are doing…be blessed…

  2. Hey Larry that's awesome taking your cousin fishing that kid is having a good time good job bud. GOD bless you and your family and your cousin's family. Ps tight lines

  3. New to the channel! So far excellent vids! However, 2 things:
    1. Why squirrel hunting? For eating or just to kill? If recreational, that sounds a little unnecessary to just kill wildlife without purpose, so just wondering. If we can protect the waters, we have to protect the wildlife as well.
    2. I'm black and to help with the razor bumps, try Bump Stopper @ Walmart. It works wonders!

  4. Dude i really Like you and the USA Fishing but hy do you lay the fish after the catch on a fucking dirt road do it atleast on grass Its a fucking animal if you dont eat it treat it with a little respect

  5. Don't let the fish flop AND lay on the ground like that. It . Takes off their protective slime coat..NOT GOOD FOR THE FISH AT ALL

  6. I fish cranks year round. I need to get some frittsides but we don't have many stores around me mostly walmart lol so I'll have to find a decent price online. Hard for me to pay to much for lures being on a disabled on a set income though lol. Berkley tends to be a little more pricey than some.

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