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Here is a smallmouth one because you guys liked the largemouth one so much. I hope you guys enjoy these monster Smallmouth bass getting caught. I hope everyone has a great season this year and catches them as big as these dudes did. If you enjoy makes sure to like and subscribe. Watch the original videos linked below.

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  1. If we are talking best p4p fighting fish it is WITHOUT question the small mouth bass.

    I have had 2 pounders fight so hard on a moderate rod you would in clear reservoirs you would swear it was a 5+ large any other time the way they fight

  2. I caught a 24 " small mouth about 7 lbs right here in Buffalo area and released him quickly back into its environment.. no net and no trauma to the fish..

  3. Nice fish… My biggest was 4 pounds caught it this year it was a tank but it was Really thin if it had a belly full it could have went 7 almost long as my arm…

  4. When I was young I caught a 27 inch smallmouth master angler wanted it sent in I had no scale or way to keep it alive so it will forever be a memory of the largest bass I have ever seen or caught

  5. I caught a five pound small mouth a few months ago with a little piece of worm of a dock he came from under and holy it was the coolest thing I have ever seen swallowed the whole thing

  6. I caught a 9lb smallie on the Merrimack River using a double bladed white spinnerbait. under one of the bridges while in my friends scanoe ! back in 1983 July I put it back in the water my hands were shaking !

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