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Buzzbait Beatdown • Just Fishing with Jordan Lee

Small water means big time fishing for Jordan Lee. From the shallows to the deep, Lee demonstrates the techniques and tactics to connect with big bass in stained water conditions.

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  1. Great video…one little trick I use a lot is covering the water with a 1/4 ounce buzzbait then go back over it with a 1/8 ounce buzzbait…the little purr you get from that small blade can pick up some of those less aggressive fish you missed…worked for me.

  2. Perfectly made hookset on the opening fish! Great patience it takes to wait intil the rod starts to load before setting the hook. And that’s why they are pros. My buzzbait would have screamed by my head sounding like a whistling bottle rocket! Lol

  3. Jordan: Greetings from your favorite AU teacher—-2.5!!! I just watched your win in Minnesota at the
    GT tournament. NEVER GIVE UP ON AN AUBURN MAN!!!! You came from 6th to win!!! Super! Have
    you watched my movie career develop??? SInce I was in Spiderman:Homecoming, I have been in
    four more movies and will be filming 2 more in 2021!!! How about that??? Send me your e mail
    address and phone number so we can catch up and potentially do some business. Best, 2.5

  4. Simple, Tough and no B.S. There are some Tourament fishermen out there talking alot about how hard it was to get into Tourament fishing. Hey, Pal its hard for everyone to get in! Maybe those guys should quit. Selling out the average Joe fishermen who spend their hard earned monies. Buying their big name products. Then jumping ship going to Lew's for the money. Instead of being honest to those average joe Bass fisherman. That they stabbed in the back. Never even came out and said. Hey, We are leaving Quantum. Then headed straight for Lew's and Strike King lures and the money. Shawn

  5. One of if not the most dangerous fisherman in the pros today! Great great fisherman and awesome watching Jo Lee fish out of tin rig, always takes you back where everything started!

  6. Seeing him sitting high up on that chair running that tiller handled boat so fast is soooo dangerous. If his motor hits an obstruction he's gonna go flying forward.

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