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THREE Bass Fishing Baits to use in February – Beginner Fishing Tips 2023

What THREE bass fishing bait should you use to catch more fish in the month of September? These three large mouth bass fishing lures will help beginner anglers and better anglers catch more fish during the month of September. Learning the patterns of large mouth bass and how they act and what they are looking for will allow you to find em, catch em, and have more fun fishing.
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Rods: Temple Fork Rods
Reels: Shimano

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  1. I use pliers to mod the chatterbait blade three different ways to change the vibration intensity.

    I add rubber core or splitshot weights to the smaller pond magic spinnerbaits to fish them closer to the bottom.

    I like the swivel trebles on my ThunderHawk Sergeant lipless crank, and I also have one of their Grunt jigs, I like the design of.

  2. Awesome ! Gonna try them ! I actually have to fish from the bank and the other day I caught several small bass on a Road Runner Slab Dragger.

  3. always love ur videos! thunder chicken? ill try those, i have a few, however i got about 3 months? before i can use those. does it really matter as far as color combos?

  4. Randy Blaukat did a chatterbait seminar video on his channel recently. If you haven’t seen it check it out. Pretty good info if you love the bait!

  5. I've noticed some bigger fish moving into my canal here in Eustis. Caught 2 decent sized bass on top water baits I was just testing out from Christmas. Wasn't expecting that! I love Chatterbaits! I scooped up Several Picasso when TW had a great sale on them a couple weeks ago.

  6. FEBRUARY! I hadn't caught any fish in January, lol. It's still to cold where I live. My fingers started getting numb and I said, nope, not this month.

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