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Paul Tormanen won over $70,000 and was well known in the FLW, BASS, and other tournament circuits, and then he got caught CHEATING…. So many Frauds out here.

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  1. You noe what could stop all this from ever happening is a simple tool they use on pregnant women. An ultra sound machine. Should be standard. A simple scan and you done. The only other possible cheating after this is sneaking in bigger fish. A ref on the boats can stop this but only the big leagues really do this. The smaller leagues probably harder to have a ref on every boat.

  2. Why is everybody worried about somebody cheating on fish cheating is a way of life for most people in the world everybody cheats I can't believe this is being treated like a new phenomenon

  3. WTF !! ~ What a Douchebag
    Do u think he cheats on his wife …. Cheats on his taxes ??
    Cheated on tests in school
    Dude needs a good Beating
    Thanks for this Video
    Peace love Health n Happiness
    Keep Fishing never stop


  4. I picture justice being like this:
    When a cheater is caught and proven to be a cheater, he/she should be forced to walk down a path lined on both sides with all of the angler or contestants who have been cheated by these individuals.
    These cheated anglers should be allowed to pick their best medium-heavy action rods with which to switch across the cheater's back side for all to see. Of course we all know this will never happen. The only thing that does happen is that the cheaters will just think of more cleaver ways to cheat.

  5. Thanks for these videos. Competitive fisherman need this info. I watched a few. Just a suggestion, you may want to consider not having gum in your mouth when speaking. It is distracting.

  6. Wow a slap on the hand????? Wow. He should be band from getting a fishing license, water ways, I don’t get it. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Unbelievable. 😮

    Thanks for the videos brotha. Always a pleasure watching. #livinthedream

  7. I dont understand how does this make the guy a cheater, he only had one fish that he took into weigh-ins, is it to much to say he did exactlly what the other guy did who hooked it by mistake, unless they watched him plant those fish there.

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