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this Secret Lure OUT FISHES Every other Bed Fishing bait!

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  1. Green pumpkin seed chartreuse zoom lizards 🦎 always works great for me in theses NC farm ponds … live baby blue gill are the best thing to drop in or around a big bedded bass & some folks use alkaceltzer and drill hole in the alkaceltzer and put it on large hook and drop in bed and when it starts fizzing in that bed the bass will freak out and eat it almost instantly !

  2. You won't find another lake like that one. I'll give you a little piece of info…. at the pontoon boat on right is what me and my dad call 10# hole. Seen a dozen fish over 10 come out of it. My biggest so far is right at 13# from there. I know every square foot of it.

  3. I’ve never needed another bait except a 6” lizard. I’ve never had a problem of that not working seeing a salamander is a natural enemy to a bass on bed. Bass will kill and spit out a salamander, so when they’re not feeding, they’ll still hit in order to remove the threat.

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