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The MOST Important Video About Catching Bass In The Spring You Will Watch

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Kyle’s Tackle and Information
Kyle Cortiana Fishing:
Motion Fishing Finesse Jig:
Gene Larew Hammer Craw:
Kistler KLX Casting Rod:
Seaguar InvizX:
Kistler Series 1 Casting Reel:

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Miles Tackle and Information
Strike King 1.5 Crankbait:
Hayabusa TBL 930:
Seaguar AbrazX:
Fitzgerald VLD 10 Casting Reel:
Fitzgerald Bryan Thrift Rods:

Jimi’s Tackle and Information
Gamakatsu Ring EWG Hook:
Toad Thumper Bad Craw:
Denali Lithium Flipping Rod:

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If you are looking for a used or new boat check out Futrell Marine!:

These Fishing Areas Hold Bass All Spring Long:

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Need help locating bass on your home lake? Check out our Fish the Moment Lake Breakdowns.

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Google Earth
Navionics Web App:
Genesis Social Maps:

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  1. I can't agree enough with Jimi! I have a little plastic 10 foot boat that I load into the back of my truck and I can fish water that's only a few inches deep. A lot of those fish have never even seen a lure before!

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