THIS Is Why You’re Not Catching Any (Or Many) BIG Bass…

Randy talks about what it takes to catch big bass….#bassmaster #bass #bassfishing #fishing #fishingdaily #catchandrelease #fish #angler #fishinglife

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  1. I live in muggy, gross, humid South Carolina, and my biggest ones (3.8 and 9.8) were smack dab in the middle of summer while bank fishing. The smaller one was in the middle of the day during June or July. The bigger was the first week of August, like 10 minutes before a heavy afternoon rainstorm when the temperature dropped noticeably. Both were on jigs, but I wasn't approaching those days differently than usual. When you least expect it, expect it? Lol. Who knows.

  2. I think you should install livescope. Fish one full season with it. If you bust peoples butt with it and prove that it’s so easy and it’s cheating and all that other smack you talk, then stop using it and keep talking that talk. However, if you don’t spank everyone with it, or hell even if you don’t go up 15 spots with it, you gotta admit you are wrong about it and never talk that smack again. Time to put your money where your mouth is lol. Do it a year and prove your point if you think you can.

  3. How is Livescoping different than sight fishing on beds in terms of counting it as a catch or not? It takes a skill to do both. Not everyone can just get LiveScope and catch fish.

  4. I agree 1000% Seeing these guys posting double digits caught by scoping individual fish or wolfpacks offshore and throwing to them just doesn't impress me as much as someone flipping bushes or skipping docks and landing a big girl. It's just not the same thing. Not saying catching them with FFS is easy, but if you learn how to use it effectively, you're chances go up exponentially. Those guys like Josh Jones and Ben Milliken are very good anglers, but there's no way they would be posting share lunkers like that without FFS so IMO those catches get an asterisk.

  5. I’ve qualified for 10 showcase events (1 Busch Shootout, 2 BASS Masters Classic, 7 Federation National Championships) in them I’ve caught Lunker 3 times. I’ve fished about 40 pro level events and had Lunker twice. My 2 most productive baits are a full size Jig and Spinnerbait. Add a Buzzbait and Deep Diving Crankbait and that pretty much covers it. Target big fish and you catch big fish.

  6. I agree fishing with a live scope isn't very sporting. I like super traditional fishing techniques, like ditch all the electronics, maybe even the depth finder. Use your lake maps and experience to find the fish. 🙂
    Bob – Born in Minnesota – the Land of 10,000 Lakes 🙂

  7. Randy lived 30 years in California within close range to the Delta and Clear Lake. One day on Clear Lake in the winter had 50 over 5 lbs and many 6 to 9 pounds. Sounds like a fish story but it isn't.
    California is a fantastic fisherie the best I've seen. Another time with my 2 boys we cought over a 100 2 to 5 lbs off of one dock at Clear lake. Most fantastic lake ever. If you have never had a chance to fish it you should.

  8. I totally agree with the live scope point, it takes away my favorite parts of fishing. Which is first finding the fish and figuring out a pattern through trial and error. Also that suspense feeling of knot knowing what you caught until that initial jump is unmatched.

  9. Fishing big swimbaits is how I catch them. But as you have said previously past vids. You have have a different mind set & be willing to go without any bites for day or two of fishing sometimes, or 1 bite per trip. It's always different. Not to mention fishing the right areas… It's not easy & can be very frustrating. But is worth the hard work & reward to me!

  10. Surprisingly here in the Cincinnat area, there is a small lake that’s listed as one of the better lakes for bass fishing in the state of Ohio. And there’s some10 pounders swimming around. And you’re right , have to fish lakes that have big fish…! Lake, Chickamaga, and Guntersville have produced some big fish for me…!

  11. I’m totally with you on the live scope deal. Maybe it’s because I’m in my mid sixties, but that technology really takes all the magic.

  12. Two of the biggest largemouth I ever caught came on a pink Bubblegum fluke and a roboworm drop shot. Both were over 6 lb here in central Pennsylvania. That just proves that big fish can come on small lures

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