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How to FIND and CATCH Big Bass | O.H. Ivie Breakdown

In today’s video, Jimi goes into depth on a pattern that will help you catch your biggest bass. There are a lot of factors that goes into catching big bass. Those factors get broken down in this video from a recent fishing trip that Jimi experience at Lake O.H. Ivie.

Studying contour maps and using your electronics to your advantage is a very key part to catching giant bass right now. If you use your electronics effectively then you put yourself in a higher chance to catching big bass

Gear and Tackle Mentioned
Denali Attax Series 7’10 Xtra Heavy:
Sunline Super Natural Monofilament:
Yum Flash Mob Jr:
Yum Scottsboro Swimbaits:
6th Sense Divine Swimbait:
6th Sense Umbrella Rig Swimbait Heads:
Shane’s Baits Alabama Rig:
M&M Kustom Kreations Swimbait heads:
Flip Clip Fish Stabilizing Fin Weights:

Futrell Marine:

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  1. OH is quickly rising as a bucket list fishery. Looks like a blast. Congrats again Jimi. Let's say you didn't use the scope. How would you have attacked that lake?

  2. I can tell your still pumped !! And your right about the need for the floro for deep big bass, one warning with that is that fish can take your rod. I nearly lost a rod (same set up) on an 8#, the reel caught on the railing. That will get your heart ol'heart pumping!!! Reval in your in your youth & sport now, when your 68 it's not so easy.

  3. The lake I fish every day or did until this past weekend had salinity levels rise and killed all the bass I pulled up and there was dead bass floating everywhere it broke my heart

  4. Jimi, you came to Texas and ain't call ya boy?!? 
    Nice catch. I was at OH Ivie last month…tough fishing…not 1 bite. Glad you got a biggun out here,

  5. Trolling motor absolutely affects fish, LiveScope transducer pings affect fish, boat shadow affects fish, the exploding popularity of bass fishing coupled with the fact that it’s never been easier to have all the toys equals heavy pressure, always good to be as stealthy as possible, great vid congrats on the tank!!

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