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In this video, my pal @RiverCertified and I are on fishing a small creek in the middle of the city! Even though the water is cold in Texas, the fish were still predictable and sitting in deeper water in turns of the creeks.

We find a few small ones, then eventually the fish just kept getting bigger and bigger! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. man ik that pain just started fishing n i caught a HUGE gar and as i got him close to the bank he unhooked himself n ever since then fast forward 2 months i havnt caught a fish at all n iโ€™ve literally been going every day i need tips fr idk if its the bait ill put nightcrawlers on and get no bites for hours

  2. Try it is great for me to watch two of my favorite youtuber's/fishing guys do a video together. You and River certified are who I watch and learn from the most. If you are ever in my area, Southern Maryland where the Potomac meets the Chesapeake Bay, I'd love to meet y'all irl. I appreciate your work, and have learned so much from your videos. To date, I've landed a personal best twenty pound catfish, and 22 lb Rockfish, or Striped Bass. They were delicious, and fed nine adults with leftovers. White per h, black drums, flounder, croackers, and spots and blue gills along with small and large mouth bass are abundant here. No monster fish, but we do have snakeheads which are quite tasty btw. Also our blue crabs, blue fish offer a good fight to land them. I'm in the process of getting a new boat since a bad storm dropped a tree across mine. Anyways, y'all keep making great videos because I love them.

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