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THEY’RE HERE!!! // Delaware River Striped Bass Fishing // NJ April 2022

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  1. Them worms is too expensive to put 3 on a hook lol… Over here it's $26 for a dozen of jumbo… It's 1 for me, but I will start using my clam string 🧵 to tie it to my hook. Thanx for the information

  2. Don't let the wind scare you away. We caught a 40" at the airport on the 31st. We always fish the heavy winds and they always produce some big mamas. Also have you tried running the jumbos up your hook and onto your liter? We usually use 1 jumbo a cast and catch big mamas. Bloodworms in philly are $25 for dz jumbo lmao its nuts

  3. waiting for em to show up here in southern md chesapeake bay, we cant keep any until may 1 35" starting out for 2 weeks then 1 per person 19" min

  4. Is this near palmyra it looks like it. Nice catch man especially for being up there and not down south near Salem area where the big ones usually be at. Big jerkbaits are catching em and magnum flukes and medium size paddle tails.

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