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Red Head Lake Summer Bass Fishing (Strip Pits) Lesser Known Series

Red Head Lake is one of many lakes at Pyramid State Park. Bass fishing in strip pits during the summer can be hit and miss, especially in the mid day period. Me and Doug Cheatham had a good day at Red Head in this Lesser Known Series video.

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  1. Getting through the Pyramid series and plan on a visit this summer. This one looks like a great place to take the grandkids to keep their attention or to even hone your own skills. Finally located a DNR map that shows all of the lakes in the original park as well as the three new units so I now have an idea where they're located.

  2. Great video! I will take the small ones all day over being skunked lol. Always fun catching a bunch of those little fighters. The fish looked really healthy at least!

  3. Haha, sometimes those snakes bite and don't want to let go. The smaller fish will provide fun when the big ones can't be found, so as Debo says, "embrace the dink".

  4. Yeah,, Half our Ramps look like that man,, some without gravel. I luv the water color!! Great vid guys!!!!!100 fish!👍 We have a two day stating at 7pm tonight. Gotta break into, finish in top 20 tnight, to have a shot tomorrow. I'll be hitting my best ledges all night,, and my Shallow stuff right at,, and just after dusk. We need 5=13 at the very least. Thx for vids,, gets me pumped guys!!

  5. You had me at Strip Pit, Gabe. Throw in a Ranger and you had a fun time fishing in my favorite aquarium type of place 😁😁😁. I'm patiently waiting till the daily high temperatures drop below BROIL, but do have plastic worms and swim jigs at the ready. Of course September can be ornery too, but nature always runs its course and fish activity will pick up. We could use some good rains to fill things up but, regardless, a strip pit is definitely on the agenda! Have a great weekend, Don

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