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These Soft Jerkbait Techniques Are Taking Over Bass Fishing!

Don’t miss out on these soft Jerkbait presentations. They are taking over bass fishing!

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  1. Hey Matt, for Wednesday night tournaments do you prepare any differently given the small window to fish? Assuming your tournaments are like ours in Madison 6-9pm.

  2. I've been using the 3.5 inch lake fork swimming shad with my chatterbait for a while and it works like a charm also the Gary Yamamoto swimbait.i also use them on my swim jigs.

  3. I love the looks and versatility of the soft jerk bait, only issue is, I don’t catch a thing on them for some reason. Drop shot, gliding, Texas rig, underspin, double fluke rig, you name it….. nuthin. 🤷‍♂️

  4. Matt, I put a Zoom Fluke on a 3/0 EWG Gama hook today and they killed it. Now, the conditions were right as a front was just about to pass through but, I definitely made the right choice! I Texas rig them weightlessly and, I go pretty far back into the bait with the hook point before bringing the point out and rotating. Going far back into the head makes the fluke sink horizontally and, I found that was what they wanted. Burying the hook point in only a little ways makes the fluke sink faster and with the nose down. With the water being shallow (3-6') I knew the horizontal presentation would be better. Cast it out, twitch the fluke maybe 2-3 times, let it sink, watch the line and hold on! They smashed it. The hit is just like with a hard jerkbait and, surprisingly, I didn't miss many. They really choked them! I'll have to give that drop shot presentation with a fluke a try! Good stuff.

  5. My favorite at the moment is the Juggle minnow on the MiniMax chatterbait. Pinch the lil fork tail off and the tail of the soft plastic will keep perfect sync with the blade.

  6. I always have a few different packs of soft jerkbaits with me when I go out. Each brand and type has a specific task that I feel works best for me. The cheap, stiffer ones like Creme are the best bladed jig trailers, while the super soft ones like a Caffeine Shad are best on a Hover rig.

  7. Love throwing soft swims and straight tails on the Hover Rig. Supposed to receive my TUSH order from Core this week. Eager to put it to these Idaho smallmouth. Thanks for growing the sport.

  8. I use soft jerk baits as
    spinner bait trailers.

    Or on a“power” Ned head with a bright color
    so that it stand with tail up.

    I like using it wacky style using a Varivas mosquito hook and grenade weight 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz to fish it deep

    Ever done a wacky fluke in 20-25 foot of water?
    Something fish don’t see that deep they get excited

  9. Weightless and weighted jerk style, jig head-(weightless, weighted, and floating), weightless and weighted Texas rig, trailer on (chatterbait, spinnerbait, and buzzbait), hover rig, shakey head, swing head, tush swimbait head by core tackle, drop shot, sliding drop shot, maybe on a finesse jig or football jig or swim jig or flipping jig or finesse football jig or finesse swim jig, and maybe on scrounger jig head or on a scrounger head swim jig,

  10. a lot of good baits are opening my eyes up to ultralight fishing. less weight, lighter lines. that's finesse, but tourny fishing is heavy weight, less finesse.

  11. Mr.Stefan I would like to Thank You for the videos and 2 of the lake breakdowns we did. I'm off the zero catch rate got my 1st tournament bass legal length yesterday June 24 and the backed it up with my 2nd in a Sunday tournament. 2 things how the heck do we fish underpasses with rock running down length of roadway lots of snags. 2nd being only 5ft 10ft would a 6ft 6 in rod be good for pitching and flipping suggestion power. Possible video. ideas. Sorry for length. Go get em at next tournament.

  12. I like fishing them on weighted ewg hooks, like a belly weight swimbait hook. It's basically a weedless texas rig you can fish way faster & deeper. My 2 favorite's is zoom super flukes & caffeine shads

  13. How would you fish hover rigs in Florida with all the hydrilla, pads , floating vegetation when there not weedless . I see that the bait has a 90 degree hook . We used to call weightless fluke fishing ( dead fluking ). But the fluke was weedless . Fish ignored this technique after awhile.

  14. For summer time I like to throw it on a 5/0 EWG 1/8oz belly weighted hook. You would be shocked how much deeper and faster you can fish that thing with that little 1/8oz of lead on the belly. Great for fishing rock because it does not hang up near as often as a Trig. For really windy days I will go up to some custom 1/4oz hooks I made but you really lose alot of the gliding action with that much weight. With the 1/8oz you give up very little in the way of natural action of the bait.

  15. You should start making a copy of the the old Phantom Phish Stik at Core tackle and send me some free packs for the idea😂 That’s the way it’s misspelled also. Not “Fish Stick”. It looks just like a soft Zera Spook and it was a killer. I can’t believe they went out of business. Phantom Tackle, was a local company out of Dallas Tx. They also made a killer ring worm. The Phish Stik is a soft subsurface spook. I still have a package of them. I’d send you some to mold if you’d make them.

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