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The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Swimbaits in Choppy Water

Learn about swimbait bass fishing! Bass Pro Ryan Salzman is going to show you how to catch big bass with swimbaits.

Salzman will teach you how to choose the right swimbait for the conditions, how to rig it, and how to retrieve it.

Salzman will also show you some of the mistakes that people make when fishing swimbaits, and how to avoid them.

So if you’re ready to learn how to catch more bass with swimbaits, then watch this video!

Bass fishing video highlights:
Use a bigger swimbait in choppy water.
Use a baitcaster to control the bait and set the hook.
Retrieve the bait slowly and erratically.
Target areas with eelgrass.
Be patient and persistent.

More details:
5.5″ Hollow Belly swimbaits
Referencing a video where Ryan and another angler caught a 30lb bag on Lake Guntersville

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