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The Two Best Ways To Catch Bass In May…

Randy gives tips and advice for catching bass in the month of May…#fish #fishing #bassfishing #angler #angling #catchandrelease #fishingline

Lake map breakdowns…

Solarbat Blaukat sunglasses…

Baitwrx link…


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  1. I'm fishing a work tournament this weekend on lake cumberland in kentucky and iv been told the water is 76 degrees 2 weeks ago it was 67.5 when I went fishing last what's some tips they should be full post spawn most likely right

  2. i live in Maine . the water was 53 degrees and flies not even out yet or just starting to come out no vegitation at all yet

  3. We ain't a month behind anymore with this winter our fish hardly see ice anymore. You're going to see alot of new records be broke up here, one lake I fish never freezes now 4 yrs ago 19 was good there now u need Over 25 to have a shot this yr it'll take close to 30 some tourneys it's crazy our fish are growing so fast, I caught an 8 last yr and I see multiple 7s every year now, 2 record smllies caught with in a few yrs of each other and a 10 pdr was caught in Erie on Canadian side soon you're going to see a 15 pd smallie and new record largies, we have the fishery deot to thank for our good fishing catch and release during soawn really works wish yall would try it get your population back to the 70s standard

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