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What I WISH Someone Would’ve TOLD ME About Chatterbait Fishing!

What I wish someone would’ve told me about chatterbait fishing! I have been chatterbait fishing for years now and it is one of my favorite techniques for bass fishing year round. I have learned many chatterbait fishing tips over my years of experimenting with it. Learn how to fish a chatterbait in today’s bass fishing tips video and start catching more bass!

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  1. Build your own or find a local guy that does. 16$ for a jig head, a skirt, and 5 cents of sheet metal is a straight tip off. I have a local guy and his baits kill the bass. Try a rage frog for a trailer as well. It will be big bass only though.

  2. What’s wrong with the Z-man original? I’ve never had an issue with them. Are they as good as the jackhammer? No, but for people who can’t bring themselves to spend $17 on a lure that can easily be lost, I’ve always found them to be a good option.

    I’ve also found times where a Zako trailer (or any other swim bait trailer) just doesn’t seem to work but you toss on a craw trailer and BAM! Different outcome.

  3. Caught two back to back on a green pumpkin seed chatterbait with a green pumpkin seed horny toad as a trailer. first one was 7.14lbs and the second one was 6.04lbs. I always have a chatterbait tied on.

  4. Never understood why everyone that is right handed cast with right then switch the rod to the left hand and retrieve with the right, just buy a left hand retrieve. Use your right arm to pull and set the hook, reeling in the lure doesn't require any force.

  5. What made you change the Cashion rod from the Dobyns rod from one of your previous videos? I'm about to make a purchase of either the Cashion or the Dobyns Glass rod. Where you have used both which do you recommend and why?

  6. I’ve caught more fish on the Thunder Cricket than any other vibrating jig. The Berkley Slobberknocker is quickly becoming my second favorite. The spunk shad has been my favorite trailer and the Big Bites Kamikaze is my second favorite trailer.

  7. I find the 7+ gear ratio reels are too quick for bladed jigs. The bait rides up too quickly. I know people catch them on high speed reels, and people say well you can slow down your retrieve, but it doesnt really work like that.
    6.1,6.2, 6.3, 6.4, all perfect for bladed jigs

  8. Lake fork tackle’s live magic Shad the original and best chatter bait trailer. Used the Zako’s not better and cost more. Used the original not the knock off.

  9. Great video! A lot of good advice!! When you fish the rivers in PA do you still use the Jackhammer or the Mimi-Max? I heard the Mini-Max is better in the river?? If so you downsize to 3/8 oz or 1/4 oz & what rod would you use? Stay Safe & God Bless!!

  10. It would be REALLY great to see more guys practicing better fish handling practices. This letting the fish flop around on your deck/carpet is very detrimental to the fishes health. It irks me that so many people do it these days, like boat flipping is cool. People should be better ambassadors of the sport and fish care.

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