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The SECRET Bait That Won $100,000! (Stage 4 Recap)

The bait I won $100,000 on at Lake Guntersville for Stage 4 of the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour + Recap of how the event went compared to how I anticipated.

Event Details: Lake Guntersville | Guntersville, Alabama | May 16 – 21, 2023

Bait will be linked in the comments once available!

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  1. I’ve always thought about a really cool video idea that would help a lot. The only real way to find what rod suits you best is to try them all which can be pricey. Considering you’re the Tom Brady of fishing it would be awesome if you could run through all of your favorite rod action, power, length and gear ratio for each of the most thrown baits/rigs out there!

  2. They changed the drawdown for Logan Martin this year.. from what I understand it will remain that way from here on out because every winter they have always drawn that Lake down way way way too much, to the point where you could only use certain ramps to even launch your boat. But this past winter they only drew it down probably around 4 or 5 ft which to some people may sound like a lot and to some others it may not sound like much. But there has been times where that lake has been drawn down 10 ft or more during winter pool… But no more.. I think the most it will drop is 4-5 ft from here on out from what I understand which is really good and makes me happy happy happy because those coosa spots can get back in there residential areas and not have to move as much like they usually would.. uhh..DING!!

  3. Just think if you catch a state record on an H&H black and yellow, how many would fly off the shelves !!! Congratulations on winning 🥇 !!!

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