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Keith Poche Disqualified: NEW! Poche responds to Gerald Swindle (G-Man)

Keith Poche Disqualified! Keith Poche responded to the video Gerald Swindle put out voicing his opinion and facts about the disqualification. Poche took to FaceBook to express a few concerns of his own!

Gerald Swindle has entered the conversation expressing his thoughts, opinions and facts surrounding the controversial move that has put Keith Poche in the spotlight. This is a hot topic in the bass fishing world that has people split on whether they agree or disagree with the decision. In a recent tournament on Toledo Bend Keith Poche made a thrilling move that many wouldn’t and didn’t attempt. While it added some excitement for spectators the results where not quite as exciting for Keith Poche. Let’s talk about it and hear your opinion.


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  1. I'd be careful killing snakes, venomous or not. They're protected in a lot of states, for a reason. I understand killing one around the house or campsite. But out there in the wild? That's just ignorant. I bet the beavers want the snakes to keep out pests and I'd be surprised if snakes bite the beavers.

  2. There definitely should be rules against running close past boats with active anglers. And jumping your boat? That's obviously going to break stuff, including the beaver dams.

  3. I'll take the guy push poling his boat through mud to access water over a guy willing to kill fellow anglers because he's a hot head who didn't get his way.

  4. Guntersville, Santee, n Lake Murray will be mean to you n will monsoon you pretty bad. I know abt it personally. Glad yiu made it back safely. And I found out my Striker Raingear is super legit and waterproof.

  5. Yeah that's one thing I don't like about you man is that he can be hypocritical that sometimes. He loves to dis things out but he hates it when it comes back on him. Technically, the rules don't stake that you can't jump a beaver dam that isn't dry land Bas needs to put that in the rule if they don't want people to do that however, the worst thing keep Roche did was he put his co-anchor or person in the boat with him and at-risk

  6. If Poche, or anyone else for that matter, took what may be or appear a legal risk to beat me, I’d tip my hat and humbly congratulate him.

  7. Gearld fished the Mark’s outdoor tournament that year, and the late Mark Whitlock had signs put out everywhere teasing Gerald. It was so funny. He caught a lot of slack over that move. I wish we’d have had the pics to show all the signs and what they said. 😂

  8. The dude cheated and got caught. Not only should he have been disqualified, he should be banned from participating ever again in any fishing tournament. And I mean even a Thursday night jackpot. So tired of hearing people whine and defend him.

  9. As long as it’s legal in the state and you don’t tear up the land I don’t see anything wrong with it as far as going into slough’s or jumping beaver dams but I don’t agree with going over dry ground. But if someone wants to put in the work I’d rather them do this any day over FFS.

  10. I like Keith. But I also agree with gman when he stated that the elites need to represent safety for those growing up wanting to be a professional. That being said B.A.S.S. should not only consider safety but also drinking and goofing off aka Matt Robertson. Now I like all the anglers and they’re own ways of doing things. They don’t bother me except for the fact of our how our professional sport is representing itself for the next generation. I think that’s something B.A.S.S. needs to focus more on than views and popularity.

  11. Oh yeah been there done that fresh water pump was pumping in the boat and when we took off the back of the boat went down and took on more water but just had time to beach it and start pumping water out

  12. I was fishing pickwick came out of bear creek the wind was blowing about 50 mph when we hit the main channel there was 10 ft waves we took 2 over the front not as bad as urs ended up wow

  13. Yep had a flloded boat 2 times cause of weather and just 3 weeks ago almost šunk at logan martin plug come out how i do not know…. it filled up quick i run it a groud in 2 ft of water lucky i was close to some real shallow water or it wouldve been on the bottom of the lake only thing it messed up was a brand new battery jump box 100 bucks out the window but couldve been alot worse yeah ive been there a time or 2

  14. Fishers of Men National Championship March 2021, Lake Guntersville, weather was same, naders rolled thru night before and that 1st day was some 8ft roller waves! It was sketchy!

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