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The Recent Bass Study That Will Rock The Fishing World In 2023…

Randy talks about a recent bass study that took 20 years to finalize…#bassfishing #fishingdaily #fishingdaily #bass #fishing #angler #fish #fishinglife #catchandrelease

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  1. So stocking my pond with fish I had caught was a good idea since I want catchable offspring. 😊 Seriously though. Fish have definite personality traits. When I was a kid I had bass we had in a little pond named and knew certain ones had territories staked out and also had preferences as far as what they would bite most often. One I named Buck after Buck Perry… had a big black spot on the dorsal grew to about 5lbs and was occasionally catchable on a variety of things but would cross the pond for a red jelly worm anytime it seemed. Lucy had one bad eye and spawned on the same flat rock for I know 3 years. I may have caught her once ever when she wasn’t on that rock but I could catch her repeatedly every spring on a blue tube.

  2. I wonder if the bass, by learning a certain lure, would avoid the real counterpart. For instance, if you kept using crayfish lures, would they start avoiding the real crayfish. If so, then wouldn't that affect the diversity of food for the fish. Maybe it could be one of the factors of fish size decreasing that seemingly has been happening for years now.

  3. Those fish that are impossible or difficult to catch may be much better predators…enabling them to feed much more effectively on their natural prey…they are less hungry, and less likely to bite something dragged in front of them.

  4. Studies are like books. They are created/made/invented by dummies for the most part. Anyone can write a book and books are written by liars. Liars and even wicked men will put pen to paper. Understand this and you will understand how the schools corrupt kids. For example, teachers be saying Demonrats or Socialism are for the poor. Nowhere has this system work. They robbed the poor, yes.

  5. This stuff makes fishing so much fun. Bass "uncatchable" challenge accepted. This stuff keeps bass fishing from getting stale. An always evolving competitor.

  6. Certainly incredible info. Love these studies. But how do I get paid to be one of these "tester" fisherman. Let the record show I'm able to provide my services for a reasonable fee! Scientists!! See, I'll fish for you, guys!

  7. What do you think about the no-fish zones for tournaments, where you can't fish in the coves where fish are released, even though some have release boats? Do you think bass are catchable in release zones?

  8. I appreciate your videos and watch them all. Wish you would talk more about humane treatment of the fish. Things like barbless hooks, not holding the fish vertically by the jaw, returning them to the water within the shortest time possible and how not doing these things drastically increases their mortality rate after being caught.

  9. I don't know if this is true but I read that bass never get conditioned to plastic worms. Don't shoot me for being the messenger! I can't prove it. Also I read as bass get bigger they become increasingly more difficult to catch. I believe that if you're a trophy hunter your presentation either has to look as close to something in nature as possible or fish in low light levels where bass can't use sight. I believe they do become educated and will recognize if there's something queer with your presentation. I've also read that some bass can only be caught on live bait.

  10. Seems to me that there's an implication in all of this that catch and release is more fatal than we think it is. If the bass population gets more selective over the years, and if the majority of bass fishermen are C&R, that suggests that released bass aren't breeding as successfully as uncaught bass.

  11. Offering more antidote evidence of the effectiveness of selective breeding or survival of the fittest. I believe I have a video from Doug Hannon where he suggested the largest bass were actually the most aggressive feeders in the system. Taking in the most nutrition, calories, to grow the fastest. Why Texas collects the big girls for their breeding program.

  12. Very interesting study. As students of science and biology, we learn about evolution as multi million or billion years.
    It’s possible that a form of evolution is occurring at a faster rate. Throughout history, survival has been a recurring theme.
    It is possible that God is allowing bass and other highly sought out members of the animal kingdom to adapt to the stress at a faster rate in order to survive.
    I’m only a CPA; my grasp on science is limited. Therefore, my reflection and analysis my be flawed. Hopefully someone won’t call me an idiot.

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