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DON’T Go Fish Without These Baits In May!

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Seaguar InvizX:

Z-Man Mag FattyZ:
Z-Man Mag FattyZ Video:
Secret Lures Ledge Shaker:
Fitzgerald All Purpose Series Casting Rod:
Seaguar Tatsu:
Fitzgerald VLD Casting Reel:

Matt Stefan Fishing:
Berkley Powerbait Crash Craw:

Jimi Easterling Fishing:
6th Sense C9 Series Crankbaits:
Strike King 5xd:
Zoom Magnum Trick Worm:
6th Sense Divine Shakey Worm:
6th Sense Magnum Shakey Head:
Denali AttaX Series:

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Kyle Cortiana
Kyle Cortiana Fishing:
Yum Dinger – Money:
Eagle Claw Trokar Pro-V Worm 105:
Kistler Helium Casting Rod:
Kistler KLX Casting Rod:
Kistler Series 1 Casting Reel:

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  1. Why would that swim bait work any better than say a jerkbait? They essentially mimic the same thing. Yeah they move a little different but it’s still essentially the same “baitfish”.

  2. Our bass in washington have not even spawned yet we have cold weather till about 2 weeks ago and it was only realy warm for 2 days then a cold front came in again for another week and the water Temps are in the low 50s right now don't even think they have quite going into spawning just yet it's super tough fishing went out yesterday and had 1 bite in 8-9 hours

  3. Great video!! I agree with the Powerbait smell. It will wake you up. On the other hand like the smell of Strike King!!! Wake me with the coffee smell!!! Stay Safe & God Bless!!

  4. Whoever is doing the editing needs to chill.
    The constant choppy zoom in and out and the head bubbles over random fishing clips is just distracting. I love the videos and all the info just my 2 cents, less is more sometimes try a more finesse approach to the editing.

  5. Right now our fish are getting hammered and there are tons of boats on the water. Being able to skip is key for me. Weightless Texas rigged fluke, like a caffeine shad, a wacky rig, or a neko has been productive for me. My guy Mikey Balzz also hooked me up with the new Gambler Boxer Craw, a very different type of craw that I've been smashing them on.

  6. I absolutely hate fishing in May. Simply because I can’t fish for bass where I am in Canada. 😂 Bass closes May 10th until the end of June, so I have to switch to other types of fish throughout May. Pike, walleye, etc.

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