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The No. 1 BIG Bass Lure In Bass Fishing Today…

Randy talks about one of his favorite big bass lures…#bassfishing #bass #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #catchandrelease #angler #fishingtrip #fishinglife #megabass

Big m 4.0 Baitwrx link…

Blaukat old school jig link..

Lake map breakdowns…

Solar bat Blaukat sunglasses link..


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  1. Leave him alone. Or are you jealous that no one will sponsor you? Professional fishing is nothing more than marketing and product placement. At least he believes in the product he is selling. Have you ever watched a fishing show on TV. The whole darn thing is a commercial. What lodge they stay at. The guide that they use. The rods, reels, line, lures, boat. Don't shoot the messenger. Either play the game. Or no one will take you seriously.

  2. So I’ve never fished this lure so I can’t be 100% sure but I don’t think this is the #1 big bass lure. That has to go to big swim baits – the Megabass 8”-10” magdraft is one and big guide baits like from Sixth Sense or Huddleston are the other. I have no doubt this catches big bass, but the true giants? Those are caught most of the time on big swim baits & guide baits

  3. Too much money for my pocket book. Maybe if I was a pro angler could afford a box of these in all colors ! Now let's talk about the ghost opening and closing the door !!

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