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multiple big muskie while sight fishing on lake mille lacs for Minnesota musky opener 2023. We spent the day in super shallow water searching for musky to cast at with giant lures in hopes of getting a monster, and after a few casts we got a giant. Minnesota musky opener 2023 was an absolute blast, musky fishing lake mille lacs 2023 has started off strong. thanks for watching this Minnesota musky fishing video.


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  1. Ive gone Musky Fishing before and nothing's better than seeing 'em hit at the side of the boat. Good looking fish, keep up the great content.

  2. You guys suck at handling fish need to have a big net to keep the fish in the water while unhooking it and you need to have a good hold on the fish and revive it after a fight just cause they kick off doesnโ€™t meant there ready to go very poor fish handling need to improve or you will kill muskys

  3. Do not target musky if you only have a walleye net. Netting a musky without a musky net completely maims their fins, super cruel. You completely shredded the dorsal fins on each musky you caught. e.g.: 4:26

  4. Muskies do like to just swipe at lures. It's funny how different they can be than pike. Last musky I caught swiped at my topwater lure 3 times and then finally got the rear treble hook. Pike usually just swallow the whole thing and then take 15 minutes to get all the trebles out of their mouths.

  5. Nice fish, but that net is WAY too small for Muskies, both opening and bag depth. A net too small causes additional abrasion on the skin and fin fraying. Keep chasing fish, but always use the proper equipment for Muskies to keep the stress down and physical damage to the fish at a minimum.

  6. Cool to see em all kinds in clear water But…If you targeted muskies specifically, shouldnt you have at least used a musky sized net at least? So u dont do damage to them with that small bass n walleye net? And if you didnt expect to target them..maybe you should of spared em of that experience and come back another day with proper gear and release tools to minimize damage to these any case cool to see, but be prepared better next time if u think u wanna switch tactics n go for muskies

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