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The NEW Berkley NESSIE Swimbait

Check out the new Berkley Nessie Swimbait. This soft glide bait is super versatile and loaded with Powerbait scent.

Will be available this fall.


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  1. There is only one thing that interests me about this bait. Surgery to remove the harness and add a 10 odd beast hook. If I can throw it into heavy cover that might make it worth picking up. Otherwise, it's a basic entry level soft "glide".

  2. Man, before I even get more than 10 seconds into this video I cannot wait for these periods finally somebody made one affordable. And their action appears to be incredible no matter how you retrieve it. Another evening of scouring YouTube and the internet for glimpses of new Baits I can't wait for

  3. Your words of advice and all are great, I got me some tennesse shad from like 3 videos ago and got myself a 5.5 that's my pb so far. Videos are awesome keep it up and good fishing 👍

  4. Dude this looks like it’ll be a great entry point for people interested in fishing glides like myself! Is the 7 inch heavy at all? Or could you throw it on like a 7 foot medium heavy baitcaster?

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